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Hello curious healing seekers!


My name is Heather and I am a licensed massage therapist.


I have been a professional in the healthcare industry since 2000 upon graduation from Concordia University with a bachelor in Exercise Science, specializing in Athletic Therapy. This humble beginning revealed my intrigue for all aspects centered on human potential, development, and self-mastery.



My affinity for for sport medicine, took its origin in a personal dream initiated during  my childhood. I remember my first classes in ballet having challenges to integrate into the milieu as I was always more of a full figured girl. It was not until my early twenties, that I could fully involve myself in the spirit captivating world of dance. Thanks to angel teachers along my path, I am a dancer engagement in dance training, dance competition and stage performance, primarily in the Oriental and Latin dance styles. By extension, fascination with the miracle of the body in motion and any form of self-expression is a symbol of spiritual emancipation.  First, part of my practice is dedicated to performers who use their temple as a medium for high performance (athletes, dancers, artistic performers, musicians, etc).


Trained as a licensed massage therapist was  opportunity to make my mark in my community in three key activities. First, I have trained other aspiring massage therapists to hone their skills and competencies in college level education via a private massage institute renown as Kine-Concept Institute (2002-2019). Meeting so many souls launching themselves in the vulnerable yet empowering experience of reorienting careers so that they could join the ranks of healthcare workers, I was proud to be a part of their journey and emerge triumphant by graduating from our high quality program.  Secondly,  being an agent of quality control for the Federation of Quebec massage Therapist (2008-2019), to accredit aspiring members desiring to join the association and work in the province of Quebec. Being at the table to reinforce the standards of Swedish massage training and accreditation is a contribution always to be cherished part of my professional journey. Thirdly, my private practice that allowed me to flirt with what it takes to be an entrepreneur to create my dream venture as the ultimate legacy of my life's work.



After formal training and education at the John Molson School of Business and graduating with a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA) in April 2022, the intention is to focus build an enterprise venture that embodies all the skills, talents and abilities that I have been blessed to bestow in my soul's life purpose...


We will keep you updated as time unfolds. Meanwhile,...


My career mission can  be captured in nutshell to being an enthusiastic body-mind connection specialist desiring to educate, empower and elevate people on a life quest for healthy, vibrant conscious living.


Anyone ready to embark on a healing quest to attaining the next level up of health and wellness outcomes, I encourage you to to make a first consultation to discuss how to navigate your journey, whether the therapeutic objective is rehabilitation/recovery, maintenance or optimization. I will be your partner to accompany you on your journey. My methods and techniques are extracted  practices and protocols in various Eastern and Western modalities, from traditional and innovative influences, the body-mind complex can be harmonized in order to align with the source of physically, emotionally, mental and spiritually well being.


Furthermore, I am a trauma-informed therapist with a commitment to create a safe space for people of an array of life experiences to be able to make the transition and transformation that moves them towards the optimum expression of soul's desire and life purpose. I navigate the quantum leaps that are possible to attain ones next level of greatness, emancipation and bliss.

To the source of your wellbeing!


Heather Sterling-Marriott, B.Sc.

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